The content for the 2024 edition of 52 Sundays was developed by Anita Houghton, Nicole Joyce and Tara Stenger from the Department of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship of the Archdiocese of Detroit. Design and marketing are credited to the Archdiocese of Detroit Department of Communications.

Many thanks to the other contributors to 52 Sundays including the following individuals and their families who contributed input as well as activities, prayers, and recipes to this year’s edition: Fr. Steve Pullis, Sean Calvin, Patty Chase, Vickie Figueroa, the Finn Family, Katy Frederick, Neven Gerich, David Grobbel, Christina Hall, Nicole Joyce, Dan McAfee, Rakhi McCormick, Laura Piccone-Hanchon, Malgorzata Purzycka, Kristi Socha, Beth Spizarny, the Stenger Family, George Strimpel, Mary Wilkerson, and Kathleen Wilson.


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