The Resurrection of Jesus

April 3, 2021


Sunday Scripture Readings

• The Creation Story (Gn 1:1–2:2) • The Call of Abraham (Gn 22: -18) • Crossing the Red Sea (Ex 14:15–15:1) • The New Zion (Is 54:5-14) • An Invitation to Grace (Is 55:1-11) • Importance of Wisdom (Bar 3:9-15; 32-4:4) • Regeneration of the People (Ez 36:16-17a, 18-28) • Freedom from Sin; Life in God (Rom 6:3-11)

Explore the Sunday Gospel


Mk 16:1-7

When the sabbath was over,
Mary Magdalene, Mary, the mother of James, and Salome
bought spices so that they might go and anoint him.
Very early when the sun had risen,
on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb.
They were saying to one another,
"Who will roll back the stone for us
from the entrance to the tomb?"
When they looked up,
they saw that the stone had been rolled back;
it was very large.
On entering the tomb they saw a young man
sitting on the right side, clothed in a white robe,
and they were utterly amazed.
He said to them, "Do not be amazed!
You seek Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified.
He has been raised; he is not here.
Behold the place where they laid him.
But go and tell his disciples and Peter,
'He is going before you to Galilee;
there you will see him, as he told you.'"


meet our extended family

St. Emerentiana (Feast Day January 23)

d. 304

Emerentiana's mother was the wet nurse and nanny of St. Agnes. The influence of Agnes and her parents had a profound effect on Emerentiana. A slave by birth but a milk-sibling, Emerentiana was inspired by her mistress Agnes who was teaching her the holy Faith so that she might be baptized a Christian.

Her course of study was abruptly ended with the glorious death of Agnes. Several days after Agnes was publicly martyred, Emerentiana went to the tomb to pray. Mocked by a group of pagans who saw her there grieving, she courageously defended her mistress.

This brave rebuttal raised the fury of a group of pagans and they stoned Emerentiana to death on the very tomb of her dear mistress Agnes. The tomb of the teacher became the throne of martyrdom for the disciple. It is a beautiful scene that confirms what has been believed and taught since the first centuries of the Church: martyrdom is equivalent to baptism for those not yet baptized.

This evening at the Easter Vigil, the Church welcomes catechumens into the Catholic Church in parishes across the whole world. Like St. Emerentiana, these individuals were inspired by someone who witnessed their faith and were led by teachers and mentors to be baptized into new life.


Take time to chat

·       Imagine you are Mary Magdalene in the story. What would your reaction be at the sight of the empty tomb and the angels?

·       Do you think people had a hard time believing that Jesus was alive? Why or why not?

·       Why is Jesus’ resurrection so important to the Christian faith?

·       People who are seeking baptism in the Catholic Church will be baptized tonight at the Easter vigil. Many of us have been baptized as infants. What do you think it’s like to be baptized as an adult? What do you think it feels like to have all your sins washed away for the first time in the waters of baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?


Recipe of the week

Rice Pilaf

Many cultures around the world continue to abstain from meat on Holy Saturday. You can enjoy this recipe even if this is not your tradition.

¾ stick of butter

1 ½ cup fine egg noodles

1 cup uncooked long grain rice

2 cups vegetable broth

Melt butter in a frying pan. Add fine egg noodles. Over medium heat, lightly brown egg noodles, stirring often to avoid browning/burning. Add rice. Mix rice around in the pan to mix with fine egg noodles and butter. Add chicken broth. Cover pan and simmer on low for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, stir the pilaf and taste. Add a little salt if preferred. Enjoy!


Family Fun

Make Your Own Paschal Candle

Each year at the Easter Vigil, the parish prepares a new Paschal candle. It reminds us of our eternal life in Jesus Christ. The Paschal Candle is lit during Mass on Easter through the feast of the Ascension of our Lord and during baptisms. The Paschal candle has four decorative features: the cross, the Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) symbols, the numbers of the current calendar year, and the five grains of incense, which symbolize the 5 wounds of Jesus.

You will need:

1 tall white pillar candle

Acrylic paint and paint brushes or decorative stickers

Pencil and paper

Scissors or a knife

Cloves or gems/rhinestones

Start with sketching your design on paper. Then draw it on the candle before you paint it. On the candle, put a cross in the Center. Above the cross, draw the Alpha symbol (A). Below the cross, draw the Omega symbol (Ω). The Greek letters Alpha and Omega signify that God is the beginning and the end. Starting in the upper left quadrant around the cross, write one number of the year in each section: 2-0-2-1. Then, you can add the rhinestones at the beginning and end of each bar of the cross and one in the center (5 rhinestones total). If you chose to use cloves instead, use your scissors or a knife to carve out a little bit of the wax so that the clove can sit in the candle. These five marks represent the 5 wounds of Jesus on the cross. Pray this prayer when your candle is complete.

Christ yesterday and today,

the beginning and the end,

Alpha and Omega,

all time belongs to him,

and all ages;

to him be glory and power,

through every age and for ever. Amen.


Other Ideas


Family Prayer

Be Still Meditation

Meditate on these words from Psalm 46:10 today. Have one person read the line, wait a minute or two, and then read the next line. As they are reading, those listening can close their eyes, carefully breathing in and out while focusing on the words. If you want, you can play soft, instrumental or reflective music in the background.

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know that I am.

Be still and know.

Be still.


Liturgy Link

Liga a la Liturgia

The Easter Vigil is a special Mass that celebrates God’s salvific work, culminating in the resurrection of Christ. The Liturgy of the Word has more readings that in a normal Mass. How many readings are there before the Gospel? Hint: If you don’t attend the Easter Vigil, you can look at the diagram at the beginning of this section for the answer.

Unleashing the Gospel in your Family

Haz Llegar el Evangelioen tu Familia

Prepare an Easter basket with food and drink for your Easter meal and attend an Easter Basket Blessing at your parish or a church near you.

¡Datos Interesantes!

Fun Facts!

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In churches across the world, the Easter Vigil typically begins outside the church at nightfall. The congregation gathers around a bon fire (the new Easter fire) which is a symbol of the light of Christ. The priest blesses the fire and the new Paschal candle is then lit by the fire. Each person has a small candle and follows the priest or deacon holding the Paschal candle into the darkened church.

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