Jesus, Compassionate High Priest

April 15, 2022


Sunday Scripture Readings

S 52:13—53:12 PS 31:2, 6, 12-13, 15-16, 17, 25

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HEB 4:14-16; 5:7-9

Brothers and sisters: Since we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast to our confession. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has similarly been tested in every way, yet without sin. So let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and to find grace for timely help. In the days when Christ was in the flesh, he offered prayers and supplications with loud cries and tears to the one who was able to save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverence. Son though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered; and when he was made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him.

JN 18:1—19:42: Visit for the Gospel for Good Friday.


meet our extended family

Blessed Benedetta Bianchi Porro (Feast Day January 23)

August 8, 1936-January 23, 1964

1964Benedetta was born the second of six children in Italy. At only three months old, she contracted polio, and suffered with repeated bronchitis. Benedetta grew up wearing a leg brace and orthopedics to prevent her spine from deforming. When she was thirteen, she began to lose her hearing. Still, Benedetta persevered, and traveled to Milan where she first studied physics, but later discerned that she was called to study medicine. Benedetta wanted to become a doctor so she could help those who needed medical care most. She studied diligently despite her hearing loss. It was later discovered that Benedetta had a condition called neurofibromatosis, or Von Recklinghausen disease. The disease would eventually force her to leave medical school and leave her blind and deaf.

Benedetta was confined to her home with her illness. She began to write letters to others, in which she shared her faith and her love for God. Multiple operations left her paralyzed and she slowly lost her five senses. In 1962,Benedetta went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, praying for a miracle. While she was there, she met a young woman, sobbing beside her. Benedetta held her hand and encouraged her to pray, asking for the Blessed Virgin’s intercession. The young woman was healed. When Benedetta returned home, people started traveling to see her, as her reputation for being a kind and holy woman grew. Many came wanting to comfort Benedetta, and left feeling they had been comforted by her presence as well.

Near the end of her life, Benedetta was completely immobile except some movement in one hand. She once said, “I want to say to those who are suffering, to the sick, that if we are humble and docile, the Lord will do great things in us.” Her love for the Lord and for others never wavered as she endured a lifetime of illness. She succumbed to her illness in 1964.


Take time to chat

•In the Old Testament, the role of the priest was to offer animal sacrifices on behalf of the people. Why is it fitting to call Jesus a “high priest”?

•How does it make you feel to know that Jesus died on the cross so that your sins could be forgiven?

•What would you like to tell Jesus today?

•Blessed Benedetta Bianchi Porro suffered greatly in her life, yet through her suffering she brought people to Jesus. How can we use our times of suffering to bring people to Jesus?


Recipe of the week

Hot Cross Buns

Many Christian nations have the tradition of making Hot Cross Buns for breakfast on Good Friday. The cross on the top of the buns symbolizes Christ’s crucifixion.

1 can refrigerated flaky biscuits


2 Tbsp melted butter

Pumpkin pie spice

2 to 3 Tbsp orange juice

¼ cup powdered sugar

1 package white cookie icing

Preheat oven according to biscuit package instructions. Place parchment paper on 9 x 13 baking pan. Peel the top layer of a biscuit back about 2/3 of the way. Brush with melted butter and put 6 to 8 raisins in the middle. Place the biscuit in the pan, still slightly open. Repeat process until all the biscuits are in the pan. Sprinkle a bit of pumpkin pie spice inside each biscuit and fold them closed. Bake according to the package directions. While the biscuits bake, place the powdered sugar in the bowl and add just enough orange juice to make it into a glaze. Take the buns out of the oven when they are golden brown. Brush the orange glaze on top of them. Allow them to cool for a few minutes. Take the cookie icing and draw one line down each row of biscuits. Then draw a line across the middle of each row, forming a cross on the top of each biscuit.


Family Fun

Crown of Thorns

As we reflect on Jesus’ suffering and death on the Cross this day, create a crown of thorns to have in your home. Use branches/vines, K’nex, or another building set to make a crown of thorns. You can also make one out of play-do hand toothpicks. Use black or brown play-doh or mix colors together to get this shade. Roll the play-doh out into two to three tube shapes. Twist or braid the play-doh and form into a circle shape. Place on a plate or tray. Stick the toothpicks around the crown.

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Other Ideas


Family Prayer

Pray the Stations of the Cross

Use the link in the Family Fun activity on Palm Sunday to pray the Stations of the Cross. If praying at home, use the Stations you created as a family. Alternatively, go to church and participate in the Stations at your parish.

Liturgy Link

Liga a la Liturgia

Red is the liturgical color on Good Friday. Find all the places where you see red at church today.

Unleashing the Gospel in your Family

Haz Llegar el Evangelioen tu Familia

As a family, refrain from technology and entertainment(phones, television, computers, music, etc.) between the hours of 12pm and 3pm, which is when Jesus hung on the cross.

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Fun Facts!

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The Triduum is a period of three days, but liturgically is one “day” which unfolds for us Christ’s Paschal Mystery. It begins with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday(which ends in silence). It continues at the Good Friday liturgy (which begins and ends in silence)and concludes with the Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at the Easter Vigil.

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